about us

ITALO MARMOLERIA CEDOLIN CIA LTDA, is a family business that began in Chile in 1948 when Don Italo Cedolin Monte, a craftsman and Italian marble artist arrives in Chile for an enterprise showing the wonders that could be achieved worked marble and stone, since work on subtraction processing and placement of domestic and imported stone materials serving in the field of construction and decoration.


With its great wealth of knowledge and experience, is a fossilized wood for over 500 million years originated in northern Chile and the christening as HUASCO MR STONE only product in the world that has been exploited and worked to obtain a product similar to the beautiful color of the wood grain.


Similarly production Travertine national from Calama, and imported granites of different colors, which are crafted with the best technology available today with modern equipment and machinery, and a great team, which allows us to deliver a better material stands out and cut service finishes and terminations. Among its main products include wall coverings. Pavements, steps, edges of terraces, pools, friezes of doors, windows, covers for kitchens, vanities, pavers, bases, slabs, sculptures etc. demonstrating its ability to create, design and develop a myriad of works at the request of customers in marble, granite and stone.


On the death of Don Italo is succeeded by his daughter Dona Gabriela Cedolin who has inherited the tenacity and creativity of his father and with her husband Pedro Indri have succeeded in giving a modern and proactive drive the company to meet demand increasingly demanding of its customers.